Above Ground Cleaners

Maytronics Dolphin Active 10

The Dolphin Active 10 is a lightweight, easy to use automatic pool cleaner that leads the industry in energy efficiency! Ideal for above ground pools up to 30 feet.

Inground Cleaners

Maytronics Dolphin Active 20

The Dolphin Active 20 is a Standard Class robotic pool cleaner. The Standard Class is the most economical line of cleaners by Maytronics, providing value-driven performance. It's a great, affordable way to a clean, clear and healthy pool.

Maytronics Dolphin Active 30

This robot offers superior cleaning performance and can be remote-controlled. It can be used with the MyDolphin App on your smartphone or tablet to spot-clean areas of your pool.

Hayward TigerShark QC Robotic Cleaner

Equipped with intelligent microprocessor-based technology, the TigerShark® family is recognized for its superior performance in reliability and efficiency. TigerShark® makes sure virtually every area of your pool gets that much cleaner, and fast! The TigerShark® QC automatic robotic cleaner is no exception with a fast 90-minute Quick Clean cycle.

AquaVac 650 Robotic Cleaner w/ WiFi Control

AquaVac 650 Series pool cleaners are reinventing the robotic cleaner market with first-of-their-kind capabilities. While other cleaners can lose suction, AquaVac 650 cleaners feature patented SpinTech™ filterless technology with 18 hydrocyclones, maintaining maximum suction power. The six variable-speed-driven rollers with adaptive traction offer wall-to-wall cleaning on any pool surface and the unique TouchFree™ debris canister, with a quick release button, is designed for effortless cleanup. AquaVac 650 cleaners are the perfect solution for pool owners who want the latest in innovation and smart technology.